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Our onsite sessions give folks a way to escape the chaos of an overpacked conference agenda or a loud convention exhibit hall to rejuvenate themselves by experiencing a relaxing guided meditation. Our meditation "popups" at these venues  provide a way for people to chill and re-energize so they can be more present, engaged and ready to connect with colleagues, clients and exhibitors. It's a great way for people to "try on" meditation and experience how simple breathing exercises can create a powerful sense of calmness and clarity in a matter of minutes. 

Whether the session takes place at a convention center, a hotel or a private retreat center, we provide an engaging way for people to relax and experience stress-reducing mindfulness and meditation techniques. We tailor every session to best meet the participants' needs, whether an international convention for hundreds of companies or a private conference sponsored by a single corporation. 

The best part is that after participating in a session, people are able to transfer their mindfulness knowledge and skills back to their real world.


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Chief Mindfulness Coach

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