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Through Music City Meditation, we provide mindfulness presentations and programs to groups in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.


Strategic Interactions Leadership Series - Mindfulness & Meditation Podcast -

We tailor every mindfulness session to best meet the needs of each group, whether convention attendees, corporate meeting participants or private groups of friends/co-workers who want to have a positive, engaging and effective learning experience.

Imagine being able to leave the hustle and bustle of a busy exhibit hall and experience a relaxing guided meditation. In no time, you're rejuvenated and energized to network more with colleagues, clients and exhibitors!




Imagine experiencing a customized  workshop with work colleagues and/or friends where you learn mindfulness techniques that help you de-stress, relax and focus more easily. After the workshop, you might celebrate the experience with dinner at one of Nashville's many award-winning restaurants.  

Whether the session takes place at a convention center, a hotel or a private retreat center, we strive to provide the best learning experience possible! 

Music City Meditation is a division of Strategic Interactions, Inc., a leadership and organizational development firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We were lucky enough to have Jennell Evans lead our introduction to mindfulness session during our brand team offsite in Nashville. Many of us were very new to the practice, so it was very helpful to have a deeper understanding of the practice and the impact it can have both on your professional and personal life. Our team is very diverse and we all deal with stress in different ways, so it was great to learn about the different approaches you can take that work for your individual needs. Jennell’s knowledge and expertise came through in her presentation as well as her passion to help others incorporate these practices into their daily life. We highly recommend Jennell for your next team retreat, and she was an absolute joy to work with.“


Emily Moir

Marketing- Moёt & Chandon

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